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This course will drive home the importance of safety and of recognizing potentially dangerous situations before they occur. Every member of your organization will benefit, as will the children playing. Below is the outline of what we'll cover:

1. Introduction
1.1 Meet the Instructor
1.2 Why Safety?

2. First Aid - Injuries
2.1 First Aid/Minor Injuries/Serious Injuries, Illness
2.2 Hands-Only CPR Training
2.3 Illnesses
2.4 Section 2 Quiz (9 Questions)

3. Concussion
3.1 Concussion Awareness
3.2 CDC Concussion Awareness Course
3.3 Section 3 Quiz (6 Questions)

4. Risk Avoidance
4.1 Warm-up, Equipment and Instruction
4.2 Think Ahead! Imagine Potential Issues
4.3 Section 4 Quiz (13 Questions)

5. Conclusion
5.1 You Are Ready For the Season

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